Dead Legacy T-Shirts

Swedish Model on Road Trip T-Shirt by Dead Legacy

Ten cool t-shirts from Dead Legacy (…..
Which ones are your favourites?

Dead Legacy I'll Clap When I'm Impressed


Dead Legacy Dashboard Tee


Dead Legacy anti-supermodel tee

Anti Supermodel from Dave Merrell collaboration

Vespa T-Shirt by Dead Legacy

Vespa – collaboration with Ruslan Lobanov

Taxi T-Shirt by Dead Legacy

Taxi! – Striking New York yellow taxi

Dead Legacy Chilled T-Shirt


Single Speed Bike T-Shirt by Dead Legacy

Single Speed Bike. Like This? You might also like “Nice Bike!


Swedish Model on Road Trip T-Shirt by Dead Legacy

Fittie :)

Crosstown - Rush Hour LA T-Shirt by Dead Legacy

Crosstown – Rush Hour LA traffic

So 9 down, 1 to go. Tell us what you think of Dead Legacy T-Shirts – Cool? Oui? Non?

Dead Legacy Oui Non T-Shirt

Oui Non

Cool Union Jack T-Shirt?

French Connection Union Jack T-Shirt

Looking for a cool Union Jack T-Shirt?
Whether you’re proud to be British, an adopted Brit from overseas that loves the green and pleasant shores, you just like the red white and blue or any other reason, here is our carefully researched collection of the coolest union jack t-shirts available to buy online…

Let’s start with Ben Sherman who you can always trust to come up with some great t-shirts in general and of course they have a few tees featuring the Union flag.

Pocket t-shirts are seriously cool.

Ben Sherman Union Jack Pocket T-Shirt

Union Jack Pocket T-Shirt by Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman Union Flag T-Shirt

Ben Sherman Union Jack T-Shirt

Here is a cool Union Jack T-Shirt by French Connection.

French Connection Union Jack T-Shirt

Union Jack T-Shirt by French Connection

And now a Sex Pistols Tee – God Save The Queen vintage look T-Shirt:

God Save The Queen Union Jack T-Shirt

Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen

Union Jacks have been heavily featured on t-shirts recently, perhaps inspired by the Royal wedding in 2011 and the Golden Jubilee followed by the London Olympics?!

Wikipedia Entries That Should Be a T-Shirt #001

Andarín Carvajal at The Olympics 1904

Andarín Carvajal at The Olympics 1904

Félix de la Caridad Carvajal y Soto, known as Andarín Carvajal (March 18, 1875 – January 27, 1949) was a famous Cuban runner.
Born in San Antonio de los Baños, Carvajal lived in poverty his entire life before his death in Havana.
During his life he became famous for his running ability and after begging for money in the streets to buy a ticket, Carvajal travelled to St. Louis, Missouri to compete in the 1904 Summer Olympics to participate in the Olympic marathon. Carvajal was leading the race until he saw an apple tree, and, having not eaten for more than forty hours, ate some apples, causing a strong stomachache. After recovering, Carvajal rallied to finish fourth.

Nice moustache too :)

Diesel T-Shirts

I (LOVE) Diesel T-Shirt

I (LOVE) Diesel T-Shirt

Diesel have always been AWESOME at making cool t-shirts. From the what is now iconic “Only the brave” to the cheeky “Yes it’s a Diesel T-Shirt”, Diesel have been pumping them out for years and never fail to come up with something that has people reaching for the credit cards. The Italian brand has worldwide appeal because it’s just, well, cool.

Here’s a new one from Diesel…. be sure to let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Diesel Registered Personell ONLY T-Shirt

Love this modern take on the classic “only the brave” Diesel t-shirt.
Diesel T-Jerald

The T-Jeremyn-R T-Shirt has a cool (if slightly scary) graphic on the front.
Diesel T-Jeremyn-R T-Shirt

T-shirts with pockets have never been cooler. The Diesel Latrin RS T-Shirt features a cargo chest pocket with button fastening. Comes in blue and white.
Diesel Latrin RS T-Shirt

White T-Shirt with blue skull and slogan “smile in life”.
Diesel Jeffery T-Shirt