Dead Legacy T-Shirts

Swedish Model on Road Trip T-Shirt by Dead Legacy

Ten cool t-shirts from Dead Legacy (…..
Which ones are your favourites?

Dead Legacy I'll Clap When I'm Impressed


Dead Legacy Dashboard Tee


Dead Legacy anti-supermodel tee

Anti Supermodel from Dave Merrell collaboration

Vespa T-Shirt by Dead Legacy

Vespa – collaboration with Ruslan Lobanov

Taxi T-Shirt by Dead Legacy

Taxi! – Striking New York yellow taxi

Dead Legacy Chilled T-Shirt


Single Speed Bike T-Shirt by Dead Legacy

Single Speed Bike. Like This? You might also like “Nice Bike!


Swedish Model on Road Trip T-Shirt by Dead Legacy

Fittie :)

Crosstown - Rush Hour LA T-Shirt by Dead Legacy

Crosstown – Rush Hour LA traffic

So 9 down, 1 to go. Tell us what you think of Dead Legacy T-Shirts – Cool? Oui? Non?

Dead Legacy Oui Non T-Shirt

Oui Non

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