Diesel T-Shirts

I (LOVE) Diesel T-Shirt

I (LOVE) Diesel T-Shirt

Diesel have always been AWESOME at making cool t-shirts. From the what is now iconic “Only the brave” to the cheeky “Yes it’s a Diesel T-Shirt”, Diesel have been pumping them out for years and never fail to come up with something that has people reaching for the credit cards. The Italian brand has worldwide appeal because it’s just, well, cool.

Here’s a new one from Diesel…. be sure to let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Diesel Registered Personell ONLY T-Shirt

Love this modern take on the classic “only the brave” Diesel t-shirt.
Diesel T-Jerald

The T-Jeremyn-R T-Shirt has a cool (if slightly scary) graphic on the front.
Diesel T-Jeremyn-R T-Shirt

T-shirts with pockets have never been cooler. The Diesel Latrin RS T-Shirt features a cargo chest pocket with button fastening. Comes in blue and white.
Diesel Latrin RS T-Shirt

White T-Shirt with blue skull and slogan “smile in life”.
Diesel Jeffery T-Shirt

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